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Sohaib r=
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Nov 3, 2:03am

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Hello Evi
Thanks for getting in touch with us. My name is Sohaib and I will be your assigned support rep.

Provided login de=
tails are not working for us, please provide the correct ones so I can c=
heck your setup and suggest solution accordingly.

Thank you


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=0A Sohaib=0A
=0AThe ThemeFusion Team=0A

We are experiencing a high support volume right now. Your support=
ticket is in our queue and will be attended to as soon as possible, tha=
nk you for your patience.

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it.ly/1EK5mAg =0A=0A- =0AClear your caches! This is very important, not doing this can lead to “perceived” issues=
on the front end.=0A
=0A- Lastly, ensure any patches that our team r=
eleases between update cycles are applied as part of ongoing maintenance=
for your install. Patches are applied at the click of a button as expla=
ined in this help file -> =0Ahttp:/=
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